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About Naina Devi

Naina Devi is a religious city located in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Functioning as a Municipal council, it falls under the jurisdiction of Bilaspur district. Although being a very small city, Naina Devi got its name and popularity from the eminent Naina Devi Temple which is one of the most sought after Hindu temples of the country. Considered as one of the Shakti Peeths the city is visited by millions of devotees throughout the year.

History of Naina Devi

Naina Devi is famous for Naina Devi Temple which was constructed by Raja Bir Chand in 8th century. There are several stories regarding the establishment of the temple. According to some natives the temple was created by Raja Bir Chand after he heard a narration from a local Gujjar Boy named Naina. According to the narration, the boy had the duty of grazing cattle every morning. One such morning while grazing cattle, he found a white cow showering milk on a particular stone. He saw a repetition of the same activity for many subsequent days. In midst one night the boy saw a dream where he dreamt of Goddess who claimed that it was her Pindi. After this incident, the boy told the whole story to Raja Bir Chand who also visualized the same event. It is only after this that he became convinced and decided to construct this temple atop the hill.

About Naina Devi
Naina Devi

Another historical event which gets associated with the famous Naina Devi Temple in Naina Devi is the act of worship by Sikh Guru Gobind Singh Ji. As per the tales, while Guruji left for the military campaign against Mughals, He visited the mighty temple of Sri Naina Devi and performed a Sacrificial Yagna, in order to seek blessings for the upcoming event. It is said that with the Goddess blessings, he successfully defeated the Mughal forces. However according to contemprory historians, of British era this place was a part of the Princely state of Kahlur which after 12th October 1948 became a part of Bilaspur state which again was merged with Himachal Pradesh in 1954. According to some testimonials it is the Chandela Rajputs who ruled this region.

Naina Devi Stampede in 2008

On 3rd August 2008, a terrible mishap was witnessed in Naina Devi which took away lives of 146 people including children and over 150 people were seriously injured. According to Hindu calendar it was the pious month of Shravan and more than 3000 devotees have crowded the city. According to eye witnesses a rain shelter broke which was mistaken by the visitors as landslide and this caused major confusion and panic and a lot of people got crushed, trapped and even pushed off the side of a ravine. It was a terrifying accident and as per the senior police officer around 40 children died in this dreadful chaos. Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh however announced compensation for all who died and were injured.

Geography of Naina Devi

The exact meridians of Naina Devi are located at 31.3060° North latitude and 76.5364° East Longitude. The city is based on a triangular Hill also known as Naina Dhar which is located at a distance of 70 kms from Bilaspur city and at an altitude of 3535 feet from the sea level. The city remains bounded by popular landmarks like Anandpur Sahib, Bhakra Dam and Govind Sagar Lake. The city lies close to National Highway 21. The geographical features of Naina Devi include hilly terrain and undulating platforms. The city is based in the Shivalik Range of the lower Himalayas and provides a supreme scenic view for the visitors from the hill top. The city is based on the extreme south corner of the district Bilaspur is close to the Punjab state border.

Climate of Naina Devi

Sub tropical climate prevails over Naina devi city. Due to the geographical features summers are hot and the winters are quite cold. The maximum temperature prevails in the month of May which is considered as the hottest month in the year with temperature hovering around 35°C-37°C and in extreme conditions it goes up to 40°C. Then comes the monsoon where sufficient rainfall is common. The winter stretches from December to February where chilling cold prevails with airwaves from the nearby mountains with temperature falling around freezing point. Though the place can be visited throughout the year but ideally the best time to visit is during the Navaratri period or the months of October and November when the climate remains quite pleasant or during March and April when Chaitra Mela takes place or July and August when Shravani Mela takes place.

Population of Naina Devi

As per census 2011, Naina Devi had a total population of 1204 individuals of which 645 are male inhabitants and rest 559 is female inhabitants. The child population of the city counts at 151 which falls in the age group of 0-6 years of age and together comprises 12.54% of the total population. The female sex ratio of the land counts to 867 females against every 1000 male which is again quite low compared to the state average which counts at 972 females per 1000 male. On contrary in the child population, the girl child ratio is counted at 961 per 1000 boys whereas the state average counts at 909 only. Out of the total population around 99.58% are Hindus, 0.25% is Muslims and the rest 0.17% are Sikh individuals. The literacy rate of Naina Devi city is marked at 88.98% which is much higher to the state average which stands at 82.80%. Among this male literacy comprises of 90.85% of the total population whereas female literates are around 86.80%. The native language of this location is Hindi and Punjabi. Some natives can also speak Kahluri which is actually an offshoot of Punjabi Language.

Administration of Naina Devi

Naina Devi is a Municipal council and it is divided into 7 wards where election happens after every 5 years. Bilaspur Sadar is a tehsil of Bilaspur district and Naina Devi serves as a sub tehsil of Bilaspur Sadar which was created and operation from January 1980. The Municipal Council Office in Naina Devi remains in charge of 267 houses in the city and provides the basic amenities to the people based here. The Municipal office is responsible for providing healthy drinking water, maintain hygiene and cleanliness, maintain sewerage, provide public health support, maintain records, issue birth and death certificates, assure protection to public property, road maintenance including repairing and lastly collect taxes as per policies of the Government.

Municipal Council Naina Devi
Executive Officer: Shri M.D. Sharma
Telephone No.(Office): 01978 288025
Fax No.(Office): 01978 288026
Mobile: 97362 49400
Email ID: mcnainadevi@gmail.com
President: Shri Manish Sharma (Mob. 93185 76000)
Vice-President: Sh. Santosh Kumar (Mob. 98053 96173)
Website: http://mcnainadevi.in/

Culture of Naina Devi

Profile of Naina DeviNaina Devi is a small city with limited population which mainly comprises of Hindu individuals. Being a religious city, the Hindu customs and rituals are maintained with huge devotion. The people here are not exposed much to the urban culture or modernized mode of living which allows them to remain confined to traditional thoughts and rules. The attire of the natives here are pretty interesting. They prefer to wear light clothes since temperate climate prevails here. In summer the men prefers to wear shirt and pyjama along with a turban which later got replaced with Gandhi cap. However in present days there are few people who have started wearing shirts and trousers without the cap. Women prefer to wear salwar kameez or long shirts with suthan. Colorful dupatta is used to cover the head. Khadi or mill cotton is the basic material of cloth used for everyday wear whereas the women dupatta are made of nylons or cheap rayons. In winters clothing made of home spun wool is quite common among the inhabitants. In case of housing still some of the traditional houses with thatched roofs and walls made of brick and clay are visible in this location. Bronze and Brass utensils are used here for household activities.

Folk dance and folk music is quite popular in these festivals. The popular folk music practiced here includes Laman, Jhanjhotis, Jhori etc whereas the folk dances include mala dance, Nuala, Nati, Nagas Kayang, Jataru Kayang etc. Ram leela and Rasleela are popular drama celebrated here.

Festivals in Naina Devi

One of the most prominent and grandeur celebration is executed for the 9 day long Navaratri Festival which is done in worship of the Divine Goddess. It is the celebration of the nine forms of Goddess Durga which usually occurs during the month of October. The other prominent festivals in Nahan include Makar Sankranti, Vasant Panchami, Maha Shivratri, Holi, Ram Navami, Rakshabandhan, Janmasthami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Dusshera, Karva Chauth Diwali and Tara Ratri where 10 Jayantis of Shri Maha Tara Mata Ji is celebrated round the year. Two prominent Mela or fairs happening in Naina Devi are Chaitra Mela and Shravani Mela. Apart from these festivals, some of the Sikh festivals like Guru Nanak Birthday and Muslim festivals like Eid and Muharram are also celebrated here.

Economy of Naina Devi

Naina Devi is a small city with limited population. The main source of earning for this population is through tourism business and selling small goods to the tourists visiting here. The main earning of the city is somehow based on the function of Naina Devi temple. People of the society are engaged temple works mainly to cater such footfalls every year. Apart from tourism related services another mode of earning for the people of Naina Devi is through agriculture. There are few lands which are used for farming and for producing crops like rice wheat and maize. Mangoes are also one of the farmed fruit in this region. Traditional method of farming is used and whatever cultivated is majorly used self consumption and little are sold to earn money. The limited number of water channels is popularizing the Fishery business here so that revenue can be generated through the same. There are no small, large or medium scales industries in Naina Devi. As a result employment opportunities are much less here. A few service shops are present in the city to cater the natives.

Health Infrastructure in Naina Devi

The health infrastructure of Naina Devi is satisfactory. There are no hospitals in the city but one can travel to district headquarters at Bilaspur or to Ghumarwin city for good hospitals and medical care. However since it is a prominent tourist destination some essential health camps and health centers are setup during Navratri and other auspicious occasions . An Ayurvedic Clinic is set in the area. Also the Naina Devi temple trust provides medicine and money for treatment to the volunteering organization for medical care of devotees during festival occasions. The district administration takes enough initiative by providing special doctors and medical teams during the festival time to attend the huge number of devotees . They keep stock of medicines and various medical equipments to treat emergency cases. There remains also an ambulance by the initiative of administrative body to cater critical patients.

Utility Services in Naina Devi

Information about Naina Devi
Utility Services

Being a small city, Naina Devi is not well facilitated with all kinds of services but it has the basic necessary services for a decent living. Public Utility Services determines the living conditions of a city and in Naina Devithe basic conditions like postal requirements, banking services and security services are present which helps the natives to conduct an easy and smooth life. Some of the essential facilities available here include

Postal Services in Naina Devi

Postal communication is the most important mode of connecting with various other places throughout the country. Indian Postal services have the widest network and it reaches the interior most villages and connects people. Naina Devi is based under the pin code 174310 and it has 2 more post offices under the same pin code. The details of the same are

Naina Devi Post office
Status of the Post Office: Sub Post Office
Head Office: Bilaspur H. O
Division: Hamirpur
Address: The Post Master, Naina Devi Post Office
Naina Devi, Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh 174310
Phone: 01978 288028

Nakrana Post Office
Status of the Post Office: Branch Post Office
Head Office: Bilaspur H. O
Division: Hamirpur
Address: The Post Master, Nakrana Post Office
Naina Devi Taluk, Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh 174310
Phone: 01978 246654

Janali Post Office
Status of the Post Office: Branch Post Office
Head Office: Bilaspur H. O
Division: Hamirpur
Address: The Post Master, Janali Post Office
Naina Devi Taluk, Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh 174310

Banking Services in Naina Devi

Being a prominent tourist destination, banking services is extremely important in this particular city. The banking companies having branches in Naina Devi ensures easy banking and successful ATM transactions to support the tourist. On the other hand it also helps the natives by opening accounts securing their money and showing monetary benefits at the end of the tenure. They are options of core banking, quick transfer and ATM withdrawal facility with the banks which also helps the visitors as well as the inhabitants immensely.

State Bank Of India (SBI)
Shri Naina Deviji Branch
IFSC Code: Sbin0002487
MICR Code: 174002091
Branch Code: 002487
Address: PO: Naina Devi, Bilaspur,
Himachal Pradesh 174310
Phone: 01978 288023

Yes Bank The Hp State Co-Op Bank Naina Devi Branch
IFSC Code: Yesb0hpb115
MICR Code: Non-Micr
Branch Code: Hpb115
Address: The Hp State Co-Operative Bank
Po Naina Devi , Bilaspur,
Himachal Pradesh 174310
Phone: 1772 656825

Yes Bank The Hp State Co-Op Bank Ghawandal Branch
IFSC code: Yesb0hpb121
MICR Code: Non-Micr
Branch Code: Hpb121
Address: Ghawandal Naina Devi
Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh 174310
Phone: 1772 677878

Security Services in Naina Devi

Security services are the most important parameter in today’s society and with the rising crime rate all wants to lead a safe and secure life. And such is available in Naina Devi city where the area is protected by the officers of the Police Post of Sri Naina Devi ji working under Bilaspur Police department of Himachal Police. There are exclusive help lines to call Police at the earliest and solve the issue.

Supritendent of Police, Bilaspur
Sh. Balbir Thakur IPS
Office: 01978-224500
Email: sp-bil-hp@nic.in
Website: http://bilaspurpolice.in/

PS Sri Naina Devi Ji
Phone: 1978 288092

Shopping in Naina Devi

Shopping arena in Naina Devi is limited as there are not many stores to provide all kinds of goods. However there is a Tibetan Market located close to the temple which can be visited for local goods at cheap prices. Woolen garments and snacks shops are present here. Apart from this there is a shop at the entrance of Naina Devi temple where one can find sweets of different kinds, coconut, aggarbatti packets etc for Puja. The shop is run by the Temple Trust and runs on a no profit, no loss service.

Tourism in Naina Devi

Naina Devi in Himachal Pradesh

Tourism is the most prominent attribute of Naina Devi city. In fact the whole city has grown centering the main and the only temple of this region, the famous Naina Devi Temple which remains visited by lakhs of tourist every year from different parts of the country and even abroad. Naina Devi is considered as one of the notable places of worship and according to the Hindu mythology this temple is one of 51 Shakti peeths present in India.

Naina Devi Temple

There are several mythological beliefs and legendary facts attached to the existence of this temple. According to some legends and believers of Hindu Mythology , this temple is dedicated to Goddess Sati. According to them Goddess Sati, burnt herself alive in the Yagna fire which caused immense pain and distress to Lord Shiva, and in utter anger and pain Lord took the corpse of Sati on His shoulder and started the fearful Tandav dance. This scared all the Gods and Goddesses as this may lead to a holocaust which can have dreadful effects. They ran to Lord Vishnu who unleashed his Chakra to protect all and cut Sati’s body into 51 pieces which have fallen in different areas. It is believed that the eyes of Sati fell in Naina Devi over which the temple was created. But this belief is not shared by all. According to other legends the real story behind the existence of the temple is different. As per them, Naina Devi Temple is Mahishapeeth or Maha Shakti Peeth which represents winning of Maha Shakti over the gigantic demon Mahishasur. Once Lord Brahma blessed Mahishasur, the biggest demon with the boon of immortality but with a condition attached to it. According To Lord Brahma, Mahishasur can only be defeated by an unmarried woman. Due to these blessings, Mahishasur started to act ruthlessly and spread terror in both Heaven and Earth. To defeat Mahishasur all Gods came together and combined all of their powers to create a Devi who was gifted with all sorts of weapons. When Mahishasur saw Devi , he got mesmerized with her beauty and proposed to marry her to which she agreed only if Mahishasur manage to overpower him in a one to one battle. In this battlefield Mahishasur got killed and the world was saved from e Gods to chvil demon. All the followers saw the defaet of the demon and cheered “Jai Naina”.

Architecture of Naina Devi Temple

The temple is an example of brilliant architecture. Built with white marbles this is a magnificent creation with carved out structure of various prominent Gods and Goddesses. The interior of the temple is equally carved out with integrated designs and the main shrine has three prominent idols, one of Shri Naina Bhagwati in a Pindi with two prominent eyes, a second figure on the right side which is believed to be kept by the Pandavas and the third one on the left hand side is of Lord Ganesha. Inside the temple there are sacred spots called Kripali Kund, Khappar Mahishasur, Kala Johar, and Kolan Wala Toba which have specific mythological significance attached to it and a must visit for all visitors.

Rituals and Fairs in Naina Devi Temple

In Naina Devi Temple, Puja archana takes place five times in a day and followed by Aarti each time. Bhog is also given after every puja and every time the bhog prepared is different from the other. One of the prominent Aarti in this temple is Mangal Aaarti. During Puja, devotees chant out names of devi Durga and praises for the Goddess. Ringing the bell is also a prominent custom of this temple. According to the legends ringing the bell keeps away the negative vibes which may harm the good. Some of the popular fairs in this location includes Shravan Astami, Chaitra Mela, Navratras and Aswin Navrati. Lakhs of devotees visit the temple during these festivals since it is one of prominent religious places of northern India.

Ropeway is the most interesting mode of travel available in Naina Devi. The ropeway travel facility is provided by the Ganapati Ropeways Pvt Ltd which stated operation after 30th July 1997. The ropeway structures have 24 cabins where it allows 4 adults to sit in each one. Travelling through a speed of 3mtr/second, it provides a scenic extravaganza of the Mighty Himalayas, beautiful Govind Sagar Lake and snow laden peaks of Dhwaladhar range. The length of the ropeway is 500mtrs, and it is only one in whole Asia which operates in such steep height. The timings of the rope way season varies from one month to another. From March to September it operates from 8am to 7pm. In October it stretches for one hour more in the evening whereas during December top February it operates from 9am to 5:30 in the evening.

Other Tourist Spots Near Naina Devi

Bhakra Dam : Situated at a distance 20 km from Naina Devi, Bhakra Dam is the second highest straight Gravity Dam in the whole world. It is based in Bhakra village under jurisdiction of Bilaspur district and it about 13 km from Nangal town. Though the construction of the Dam started before Independence it was completed in 1963. The dam is known to be 90 km long and covers an area of 168 sqkms.

Bahadurpur Fort : Bahadurpur Fort is located at the top of Bahadurpur hill which is 1980 mts long based in Tepra village. This is based at a distance of 40km from Bilaspur. The distance is just 6 kms and place is marked with deodar and ban trees.

Tibetan Market : This is a beautiful yet small market where local items are available for the visitors.

Gobind Sagar Lake : Gobind Sagar Lake is a reservoir which actually resulted of Bhakra Nangal Dam. It is one of the important landmarks of the district and is named after Guru Gobind Singh who was the tenth Guru of the Sikh community. The reservoir gets all filled up during October and November months and several water activities are allowed during this time. Speed boat, ferry boats, water skiing, sailing are common activities here.

Hotels in Naina Devi

There are exclusive accommodation facilities built in by the Naina Devi trust for its devotees. Patiala Dharamshala and Langer provide free accommodation facility to number of visiting devotees. Apart from this there are paid boarding available in the nearby areas built in by the Temple trust known as “Matri Anchal”, “Matri Chhaya” and “Matri Sharan” which provides good accommodation with clean and hygiene enviourment in reasonable prices. Altogether there are 45 rooms and 14 dormitories which can be used for staying. Apart from this there are Government rest houses which could also be availed for staying. There are private hotels which offer good accommodation in reasonable prices. But the only thing is the rush is too much in this area so booking should be done much prior to visit to be assured of the preferred place to stay. The prices of hotels are quite reasonable but still one can bargain for a better deal especially in off season time.

Matraanchal Hotel
Address: Po Naina Devi , Bilaspur,
Himachal Pradesh 174310

Mehak Hotel
Address: Po Naina Devi , Bilaspur,
Himachal Pradesh 174310

Transport in Naina Devi

Naina Devi is a small city but remains well connected through various modes of transport. Since the city is a popular destination for thousands of travelers every year, transport availability is never an issue.

By Airways : If the preference is to travel by air then the nearest airport to Naina Devi is Chandigarh Airport which is at a distance of 100kms only. Chandigarh airport has both International and Domestic terminal which results into regular flights with multiple localities within the country and abroad. From the airport premises or from Chandigarh city one can fetch private buses or cab to reach Naina Devi in approximately 2.5 hours.

By Railways : The nearest railway station to Naina Devi is Anandpur Sahib which is located at a distance of 20kms from the temple. The station has good connectivity with various popular stations within the state and beyond. The distance from station to the city can be made through public transports frequently available here. There are private taxis here which can be availed to travel the distance. Out of 20kms drive, 8kms in up the hill which can be a little nauseate for kids and older people.

By Roadways : Since Naina Devi city is located on National Highway 21 it maintains good road connectivity with popular and notable place around. It is about 100km from Chandigarh and 350 km from country capital New Delhi. There are regular state buses from Punjab and Himachal Pradesh travelling in these routes in much cheaper cost and decent time. The hilly areas are usually covered by foot by the devotees to the Temple. There are resting and toilet facilities on the steep roads to facilitate the devotees

To conclude Naina Devi is one of the popular and well known destination in Himachal Pradesh. The city has all its operations and activities centered round the schedule of the Famous Naina Devi Temple. It is one of the pious shrines in Northern India.

Naina Devi at a glance

Country : India
State : Himachal Pradesh
District : Bilaspur
Population (2001)
 • Total : 1,161
 • Official : Hindi Punjabi
Time zone : IST (UTC+5:30)

  • E-mail

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